July 24 , 2010


Not Photoshop or Gimp Cropping - Something more serious

The sad fate that befalls most Sri Lanka Trees

July 12 , 2010

Tissa Dissanayake

Tissa Dissanayake

Tissa Dissanayake, my uncle lost his battle against Leukemia on the 9th. This photo was taken during happier times; on a visit to Anuradhapura earlier this year.

July 06 , 2010


Little Aminthika with a Mustache

Little Ami, with a Mustache aquired with the help of a Bicycle pump.

May 03 , 2010

Open Wide

open wide

April 16 , 2010

Hard Work.

A bee hard at work

A bee hard at work gathering nectar to take back to it’s hive. Also hard at work is a tiny insect much smaller than the bee, just barely visible on the petal below the bee