July 12 , 2010

Tissa Dissanayake

Tissa Dissanayake

Tissa Dissanayake, my uncle lost his battle against Leukemia on the 9th. This photo was taken during happier times; on a visit to Anuradhapura earlier this year.

July 06 , 2010


Little Aminthika with a Mustache

Little Ami, with a Mustache aquired with the help of a Bicycle pump.

The Thinker

The thinker on a tree, thinking about the year past and what the future holds? maybe not, this photo was taken in the middle of the year.

December 24 , 2008

Hey, leggo

help, let me go

Help, let me go, I am not a doll.

November 26 , 2008

The New Arrival.

New Arrival

This little baby boy was so keen to go out and play that he arrived three weeks early. Now he is resting