December 30 , 2009


The incy wincy spider that climbed up this water spout had no chance of survival.

Water spout in a thunderstorm

December 27 , 2009

Five Years Since The Tsunami

It’s been five years since the Tsunami struck the coast of our little island and many other countries across asia. Yet stark reminders like this one can still be seen if you drive along the coast.

Tsunami Reminders

Some people have managed to rebuild their lives but unfortunately many others have been left behind. A very small number of people are still without permanent homes even five years later. You can blame the politicians for that.

This photo was shot by my 7 year old daughter while the car was moving. Only the rear potion of this house appears to have been damaged by the waves. It looks like the owners might have attempted to rebuild it but then the front of the house has been swept away once again – by a bulldozer

October 18 , 2009

Fire Starter

Fire Starter

March 11 , 2009

Galle Water Works

Ceylon Public Works Department

The Hiyare, conservation center was once the site of the Galle Water Works. The man made lake was the reservoir used to store water for distribution. Engraved at the sluice are the names of the engineers who lead the project. The name Wimalasurendra continues to be a household name in Sri Lanka more than 50 years after his death. Not because of his involvement with the Galle water works but because of his poineering efforts in power generation.

March 03 , 2009

Stork Billed Kingfisher

Stork billed Kingfisher

I always get confused with Kingfishers mostly because the ‘Common Kingfisher’ isn’t all that common at all in Sri Lanka, in fact it’s a bit rare. So it’s pretty easy to go downhill from there.

This one here is a Stork Billed Kingfisher (as far as I know). The photo I posted some months ago is of a White Throated Kingfisher (or at least that’s what I think)