April 18 , 2013


The old look

The old Colombo - Nuwara Eliya highway, passes through Dessford. Though many people now prefer to use the 'Radella shortcut', this is the less stressful drive.

March 29 , 2012

The giant tea boiler

Giant Tea Boiler at Devon

A giant tea boiler which can be seen from the drive from Hatton to Nuwara Eliya at Devon. Tea boilers like this but much smaller, small enough to fit on a table were found on small road side ‘petti kade’. These were very small cafes (if you could call it that) which served tea and buns. A picture of the modern variant has been posted earlier. Hope to share a photo of the real thing soon.

Pictured in the background is the Watagoda (Originally spelled as Wattegoda by british planters (වටගොඩ in sinhala) rock.

January 11 , 2011

Two Leaves and a Bud

Two leaves and a bud

To make the best tea, you need to pluck just two leaves and a bud from a tea bush. The leaves should not be too mature either. There’s only one way to do it, by look and feel. Each day, hundreds of thousands of a workers across Sri Lanka pick millions of these sets of two leaves and a bud to produce the finest Ceylon Tea, which of course also happen to be the finest tea in the world. That begs the question how do they do it in other countries? using machines of course. Those machines pluck not just the two leaves and the bud but a bunch of leaves and a few twigs as well.

January 14 , 2010

Morning Dew


Morning dew on a red flower. The name of which I know not

January 09 , 2010



It’s not a satellite earth station but part of a flower. I believe it’s called ‘Stamens’, but please do correct me if I am wrong, botany is my weakest subject.

Over the Christmas holidays I took more than 500 photos with a Micro Nikkor and have about a 100 keepers. Going to bore you with them over the coming weeks. But don’t worry I will throw in a few non macro photos in between