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March 29 , 2012

The giant tea boiler

Giant Tea Boiler at Devon

A giant tea boiler which can be seen from the drive from Hatton to Nuwara Eliya at Devon. Tea boilers like this but much smaller, small enough to fit on a table were found on small road side ‘petti kade’. These were very small cafes (if you could call it that) which served tea and buns. A [picture of the modern variant][1] has been posted earlier. Hope to share a photo of the real thing soon. Pictured in the background is the Watagoda (Originally spelled as Wattegoda by british planters (වටගොඩ in sinhala) rock. [1]:
March 25 , 2012

Drying Up.

Kurunegala Lake

Krunegala is an ancient city surrounded by rocky outcrops. That makes the place hot, very hot. Fortunately there is a lake built by ancient kings right in the middle of the city. I do believe the proper name for the lake is Ranthaliya Wewa (රන්තලිය වැව ) named so because of a legend concerning a golden platter that is said to have been lost in the middle of the lake. But everyone calls it the Kurunegala Lake. The current dry weather is causing the lake to dry up (this photo was snapped in December 2011, it must be nearly all gone by now)  
March 09 , 2012

Transparent Metal

Not Black and White

  A black ceiling fan spinning rather lazily against the backdrop of the white roof of the* Heritage*, Dambulla appears to be transparent when in fact it’s made of solid metal. The photo isn’t monochromatic either, it’s another illusion created by every object in the frame being either black or white.