July 20 , 2008

Breaking All The Rules

chess anyone

“The chessboard is composed of an 8×8 grid of 64 equal squares alternately light (the `white` squares) and dark (the `black` squares). The chessboard is placed between the players in such a way that the near corner square to the right of the player is white.”

That’s from the Fide Rule book. You can’t expect these hotel animators to know what FIDE is let alone the FIDE rules more commonly known as the rules of chess. So they have set the board up incorrecty. But how often have we seen incorrectly setup boards in magazines (not related to chess) and advertisements? I remember seeing a full page ad in the newspapers by a bank sometime ago with the board setup exactly like above. The adjoining property, the Riverina is also a hotel that belongs to the same group. I have been there once many years ago (15 years to be exact) but I still remember that they have a large chess board as well and that too was incorrectly setup

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