July 08 , 2008

Home with in a home.

Orchids and Munias

It’s not a home away from home about a home with in a home. This nest was built by a Scaly Breasted Munia at our new house. The reason that this blog has been neglected in recent times is because it took a little while for us to settle in after moving here on the 5th of June. The Orchid bush in which the nest was built is part of my vertical garden. Note the patches of paint on some of the leaves.

May 04 , 2008

Patches on Patches

patches on patches

A freshly plastered wall usually needs to be patched up after the first coat of wall filler is applied. The process needs to be repeated when the first coat of paint is applied and what you get is, patches on patches

April 28 , 2008



Pergola’s and freshly chipped off plaster

April 16 , 2008

Fruit Bat.

Fruit Bat

This is obviously a bat. I will even go so far as to say this is a fruit bat. To narrow it down even further would be putting my neck too firmly on the line. Notice the ant on the bat’s head? notice that it’s using the leaf of the shoe flower tree for shade?

January 29 , 2008

Trying not to cry.

First day at Bishops College

The first day of school is a difficult one for any child. Radinka managed to put up a brave face and get through her first day at Bishops College without tears.