January 07 , 2009


Hiyare, Galle - mini forest reserve

Hiyare is a mini forest reserve at it’s center is a small man made lake which was used to supply water to the city of Galle. It was here that I spotted the Red Wattled Lapwing

The Thinker

The thinker on a tree, thinking about the year past and what the future holds? maybe not, this photo was taken in the middle of the year.

December 29 , 2008

Red Wattled Lapwing.


A Red Wattled Lapwing at the Hiyare Conservation Center.

October 26 , 2008

King Fisher.

King Fisher

King Fisher’s are usually found close to water but this one was spotted at the Araliya Bungalow in Walahanduwa. A Kingfisher will perch on a wire or a tree branch and wait patiently for hours till a worm, a small fish or a frog emerges from it’s hideout. Then he will dive in an a sudden blur of color and grab the victim before it has a chance to dive back into cover.

May 07 , 2008


Sea Erosion

The drastic effect of sea erosion. These stumps were once coconut trees that stood above the water line. The tsunami didn’t help matters either. Part of the reason that the south coast suffers such severe erosion is because of the illegal coral mining that is carried out. Coral is used to make lime used in mortar and plaster