April 07 , 2008

Ugliest house contest

Ugliest house in galle

No doubt the architect who designed this house in Galle and delusions of winning the ugliest house contest

March 25 , 2008



A cliche photograph: a tropical beach with coconut trees swaying slowly in the gentle breeze. The beach is at Ahangama, on the south coast of Sri Lanka, close to Galle

March 14 , 2007

Watering Point

Watering Point

Watering point, Roomassala (Buena Vista), Unawatuna This point makes up the outer edge of the bay of Galle. At the other end lies the ancient dutch fort. Strictly speaking the fort isn’t the edge of the bay but it appears to be so. The fort is a man made construction where there was once just a pile of rocks. in the old days the ships came to the watering point for water. The old light house is over my shoulder. Further down the road, next to the Buena Vista school, lies the old British Cemetery now sadly neglected

March 08 , 2007

Drift Away.

Drifting away Drifting away.

empty beach

Once upon a long ago they were many at Unawatuna but now there are so few and the numbers diminish