February 08 , 2007

Hermit Neighbours

Hermit Crabs

Two Hermit Crabs living side by side at my beach with a dog for a neighbour Where is my beach? Ain’t telling. Don’t want tourists, to spoil it

February 06 , 2007

Coconut Grove.

Coconut trees

Coconut grove near the beach in Unawatuna

February 03 , 2007

Coconut tree

Coconut Tree

Shadow of a coconut tree on the beach at Unawatuna.


It was getting too dark for autofocus and the ship was moving too fast through the gap in the bastion and I hadn’t a telephoto. Fat use a telephoto would have been without a tripod. I tried a wild shot, in that instance the lady in the foreground turned towards us and shot me! From the Ramparts of the Dutch fortress in Galle.