May 03 , 2010

Open Wide

open wide

April 16 , 2010

Hard Work.

A bee hard at work

A bee hard at work gathering nectar to take back to it’s hive. Also hard at work is a tiny insect much smaller than the bee, just barely visible on the petal below the bee

March 31 , 2010

Tiny Grasshopper

Grass hopper

March 01 , 2010

Bee on Agapanthus

Bee on agapanthus

Yep, everyone should have in their collection a photo of a bee and everyone should have a photo of an Agapanthus flower as well. So it’s two in one

February 06 , 2010

The Shoe Flower.

Shoe Flower

The Shoe Flower is a member of the Hibiscus family and can be seen all over Asia. Here in Sri Lanka it’s known as ‘Sapattu Mal (සපත්තු මල්)’, and you can see many differently colored varieties.