Adam's Peak (Sri Pada)

Adams peak, the most prominent of Sri Lankas mountain can be seen from the top of my water tank which is more than 200 Kilometers away by road. It is said that in the past Adam’s Peak could be seen on most days at many different places in Colombo. If you look at the 19th century paintings of Colombo, you will often find that Adam’s peak is shown in the background.

Things have changed. Dust, Smoke and buildings obscure the view.

By the way, those smugdes on the foreground were caused by a flock of egrets who flew past at that very moment.

October 28 , 2008

Morris 8

Morris 8 Classic car.

This sixty year old Morris 8 (E Series) is now immobile but she has found a perfect home – the Garage of a planters bungalow. There an old Motor bike and an antique foot cycle there to keep her company. Morris 8s, Minors and Travellers were said to be very popular amongst the Planters in the old days. So it’s more than like that this old lady spent some of her youth in a bungalow much like this one, many many years ago.

August 04 , 2008

The Swinging Nest

Great Tit Nest

That is a Great Tit peeking out of that flange. The flange and the GI pipe seen here are part of the swing on the lawn of the great western bungalow. The swing might have been made many years ago from decommissioned hot water or steam pipes from the tea factory. One wonders how many kids would have enjoyed riding on it, my kids just love it. Not just kids, the swing is strong enough to support the weight of adults too. Occasionally a bird like the one pictured here decides to make a nest inside the hollow tube. This photo was captured during our previous visit in May. On our most recent visit the bird was missing. Either it had given up on the nest (probably gets too hot during warm weather) or the eggs had hatched and the young had flown away

July 23 , 2008

The front garden.

Fron Garden of the Great Western Bungalow

Wish it was my front garden but it isn’t.

May 27 , 2008

Looking down.

Nishantha Abeysinghe Looking down from the top of the 2200m Great Western Mountain

sixth highest mountain top

It’s a long way down.