May 20 , 2008

Vesak Lanterns


Is it Wesak or Vesak? I am never really sure.

February 21 , 2008

Yellow Fronted Barbet.

Yellow Fronted Barbet

Brown Headed Barbets haven made two appearances already on these pages. Now it’s time for a Yellow Fronted Barbet enter the stage. The Brown head’s scientific name is Megalaima zeylanica , Zeylanica is a word that sounds like Zeylan the old portugese name for Ceylon which later because Sri Lanka. However the brown head is spread over much of Asia. It is the Yellow Fronted Barbet that is endemic.

February 16 , 2008

Anyone under my wings?

First day at Bishops College

An Indian Scimitar Babbler.

January 21 , 2008

Sleepy Heads

Sleepy Heads

A pair of Red Vented Bulbuls catching forty winks in the morning sun.

January 16 , 2008



Graffiti on a conveyor belt that collects tea dust for disposal. It will eventually make it’s way back to the tea field and provide nutrition to the tea bushes from which the two leaves and a bud were plucked.