November 10 , 2008

Stick your tongue out old chap

Stick your tongue out

Little Taylor Akhila Francis Holden sticks his tongue out. Hope he doesn’t grow up hating his middle name like most of us

July 17 , 2008

Self Potrait

thats me folks

That’s me and my father. I am the one on the left.

May 27 , 2008

Looking down.

Nishantha Abeysinghe Looking down from the top of the 2200m Great Western Mountain

sixth highest mountain top

It’s a long way down.

January 29 , 2008

Trying not to cry.

First day at Bishops College

The first day of school is a difficult one for any child. Radinka managed to put up a brave face and get through her first day at Bishops College without tears.

October 25 , 2007



Dhananja ‘Hates Being Photographed’ Chulananda. University Student