February 06 , 2010

The Shoe Flower.

Shoe Flower

The Shoe Flower is a member of the Hibiscus family and can be seen all over Asia. Here in Sri Lanka it’s known as ‘Sapattu Mal (සපත්තු මල්)’, and you can see many differently colored varieties.

December 27 , 2009

Five Years Since The Tsunami

It’s been five years since the Tsunami struck the coast of our little island and many other countries across asia. Yet stark reminders like this one can still be seen if you drive along the coast.

Tsunami Reminders

Some people have managed to rebuild their lives but unfortunately many others have been left behind. A very small number of people are still without permanent homes even five years later. You can blame the politicians for that.

This photo was shot by my 7 year old daughter while the car was moving. Only the rear potion of this house appears to have been damaged by the waves. It looks like the owners might have attempted to rebuild it but then the front of the house has been swept away once again – by a bulldozer

June 01 , 2009

Paper boats on the roof.

Paper Boats

Nothing unusual about paper boats. Most people don’t even bother to take photos of them. But these boats are different, they are on my green roof. Earth and leaves clogging up the water flow resulted in this roof garden getting flooded and the kids wanted to float their boats on it. The next day there was a heavier shower and the water made it’s way into the house and went all the way to the ground floor through the staircase.

May 07 , 2009

Stairway to heaven

Adam's Peak (Sri Pada)

The other day, I showed you Sri Pada (or Adam’s Peak) from a distance – as it can be seen from Colombo on clear days. This shot was taken at Great Western from where you can catch a glimpse of the holy mountain on a daily basis.

This photo was shot in 2006 and first appeared in my now defunct ‘Sri Lanka is Happening’ blog. It was from the same place the the government stole the Colombo Fort photo.

Adam's Peak (Sri Pada)

Adams peak, the most prominent of Sri Lankas mountain can be seen from the top of my water tank which is more than 200 Kilometers away by road. It is said that in the past Adam’s Peak could be seen on most days at many different places in Colombo. If you look at the 19th century paintings of Colombo, you will often find that Adam’s peak is shown in the background.

Things have changed. Dust, Smoke and buildings obscure the view.

By the way, those smugdes on the foreground were caused by a flock of egrets who flew past at that very moment.