Python in a bag, a cobra in a box

A Python in a bag, a Cobra in a box and a Baby Torque monkey on a leash in Anuradhapura. The baby monkey is terrified. Wouldn’t you be if you were tied up right next to an animal that could easily swallow you whole?

This guy was near the entrance of the hotel that we stayed him, there are plenty of others like him all over the city. There was one even at the Sri Maha Body (the Sacred Bo Tree) car park. In Sri Lanka it’s illegal to capture wild animals, yet these men operate in full view of the police, the priests and the thousands of devotees who flock to Anuradhapura during the weekends.

Many of these devotee pay the snake charmer money to see the monkey or the cobra perform. Some even pay to have their photo taken standing next to the python. (this photo was snapped surreptitiously)

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