November 05 , 2009

Looking for a home


Nearly an year ago this pup came and stood on our door step as if asking us to adapt her. We were really tempted but in the end decided not to. Though we have adapted strays in the past, now with three kids to look after it isn’t really practical. In fact the two cats that we have are strays, rather the mother cat was a stray, she had kittens inside our house and died shortly after. The kittens never went away and even moved with us when we moved house.

Though we decided not to adapt the puppy, we decided to feed her and some of the neighbors did the same. One of them even took her to the vet for the vaccinations. One time it was she by a trishaw but managed to escape unscathed and soon after even the trishaw driver started to feeding her as well.

All this though is in the past, the dog hasn’t shown up for more than a month, let us hope that it’s because someone has adapted her.

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