December 27 , 2009

Five Years Since The Tsunami

It’s been five years since the Tsunami struck the coast of our little island and many other countries across asia. Yet stark reminders like this one can still be seen if you drive along the coast.

Tsunami Reminders

Some people have managed to rebuild their lives but unfortunately many others have been left behind. A very small number of people are still without permanent homes even five years later. You can blame the politicians for that.

This photo was shot by my 7 year old daughter while the car was moving. Only the rear potion of this house appears to have been damaged by the waves. It looks like the owners might have attempted to rebuild it but then the front of the house has been swept away once again – by a bulldozer

October 13 , 2008

The Beruwala Beach.

Beruwala Beach

This I must admit is a cliche photo but the beach here certainly is well worth a visit specially if you have kids. You can wade for at least 10 meters before the water level comes upto your knees. You can wade another 50 more before it goes over your head.

October 11 , 2008

Return to Beruwela

Nights at Club Palm Bay Beruwela

When we visited Club Palm Bay, Beruwela a couple of months ago, the kids loved it. They loved it so much that they have been pestering us to go back and that’s just what we did on the weekend of the 27-28. This time the visit wasn’t so fun as last time around – half the – the left wing on the picture has been closed off for refurbished. This photo was in fact taken on the last visit, now the left wing is boarded up. That means fewer guests and I think they have let go of a few of the temporary staff due to that fact. That meant the service and the food had deteriorated. Still the stay was pleasant enough and we probably would go back there someday.

July 17 , 2008

Self Potrait

thats me folks

That’s me and my father. I am the one on the left.

May 07 , 2008


Sea Erosion

The drastic effect of sea erosion. These stumps were once coconut trees that stood above the water line. The tsunami didn’t help matters either. Part of the reason that the south coast suffers such severe erosion is because of the illegal coral mining that is carried out. Coral is used to make lime used in mortar and plaster