March 25 , 2008



A cliche photograph: a tropical beach with coconut trees swaying slowly in the gentle breeze. The beach is at Ahangama, on the south coast of Sri Lanka, close to Galle

January 25 , 2008

Too many waves.

Old Raft

A raft that has seen many waves. Perhaps too many. I believe these old rafts are called ‘Theppam’ here in Marawila. The kids loved Marawila so much that we made a return visit on an evening.

December 10 , 2007

Fishing Camp

Fishing boats on the beach

Fisherman’s Camp – Marawila.

February 08 , 2007

Hermit Neighbours

Hermit Crabs

Two Hermit Crabs living side by side at my beach with a dog for a neighbour Where is my beach? Ain’t telling. Don’t want tourists, to spoil it