March 09 , 2012

Transparent Metal

Not Black and White


A black ceiling fan spinning rather lazily against the backdrop of the white roof of the Heritage, Dambulla appears to be transparent when in fact it’s made of solid metal. The photo isn’t monochromatic either, it’s another illusion created by every object in the frame being either black or white.

July 24 , 2010


Not Photoshop or Gimp Cropping - Something more serious

The sad fate that befalls most Sri Lanka Trees

December 24 , 2008

Hey, leggo

help, let me go

Help, let me go, I am not a doll.

November 26 , 2008

The New Arrival.

New Arrival

This little baby boy was so keen to go out and play that he arrived three weeks early. Now he is resting

April 22 , 2007

Stereo Candle

Stereo Candle

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