April 16 , 2010

Hard Work.

A bee hard at work

A bee hard at work gathering nectar to take back to it’s hive. Also hard at work is a tiny insect much smaller than the bee, just barely visible on the petal below the bee

March 31 , 2010

Tiny Grasshopper

Grass hopper

March 01 , 2010

Bee on Agapanthus

Bee on agapanthus

Yep, everyone should have in their collection a photo of a bee and everyone should have a photo of an Agapanthus flower as well. So it’s two in one

November 11 , 2007

The Spider’s Nest

spider nest

I can hear you say: Hang on a second spiders don’t build nests. Well this one has. The lady (or at least I think it’s the lady) is inside the small tunnel fashioned out of gossamer. She is their keeping the eggs warm while the male keeps vigil outside.

September 06 , 2007



More than a hundred different varieties of Dragonflys can be found in Sri Lanka. I have shown you two of them before. Here is a third. My apologies for not being able to name this one either.