May 20 , 2008

Vesak Lanterns


Is it Wesak or Vesak? I am never really sure.

January 10 , 2008

Blue Ring Around the Moon.

Blue Ring Around the Moon

This blue ring around the moon was ‘spotted’ while digiscoping with a Vanguard VSP 61 spotting scope. Folklore has it that the blue ring will be followed by snow or rain. The scientific explanation is that the blue ring is caused by tiny ice particles in the upper layers of the atmosphere, so yes there is a probability that it might rain.

December 28 , 2007

Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree

Christmas at Great Western.

December 06 , 2007

The Fountain

The Fountain

Fountain in the middle of the pool at Club Palm Bay – Marawila.

June 17 , 2007

Moon on a tree

Moon on a Tree The moon on a tree