June 07 , 2009

The new house is now old.

Stainless steel pantry

June 5th marked the first anniversary of the day we moved into this house This time last year, I thought, I would put up a few photos taken around the house on this blog. Well, you know how one thing leads to another and …..

Hang on a second, I did put up a few photos here and there. You might have seen the vertical garden, the sitting room or even most recently the flooded roof. In between then and now, the vertical garden grew and became so lush that you couldn’t see the wall behind it. But then it was attacked by Papaya Mealy bugs and most of it disappeared. Now it’s growing back and hopefull will be restored to it’s former glory quite soon. In the meantime the sofa set had to have it’s covers changed thanks to the kids crawling all over it. Now it’s pretty hard to find a wall or a cupboard that doesn’t have a crayon sketch on it. But I will still try to take some photos and finish off the job.

The one pictured here is from the pantry.

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