December 07 , 2011



November 21 , 2011


Kataragrama Devalaya

Devotees braving the weather at the famous shrine in Kataragama

September 30 , 2011

Back from the dead.

Has it already been two months since I thought out loud about reviving this blog, instead of reviving the site was actually offline for three days! but I don’t think anyone would even have noticed cause the site get’s very little traffic nowadays due to the lack of updates.

What exactly caused the outage is described at the Site With the LAMP. in short it was because a massive spike in demand for amazon EC2 spot instances.

I had a bit of trouble recovering because I hadn’t maintained proper backups but fortunately google cache always came to the rescue.

July 29 , 2011


Well it’s been six months, more than six months since the last post and it’s high time for a revival. By the way have you noticed how some blogger go silent for months and even years on end and then suddenly make an announcement that they are going to start blogging again? Well most of those people don’t post another post ever again! Let’s see if this turns out to be like that.

January 11 , 2011

Two Leaves and a Bud

Two leaves and a bud

To make the best tea, you need to pluck just two leaves and a bud from a tea bush. The leaves should not be too mature either. There’s only one way to do it, by look and feel. Each day, hundreds of thousands of a workers across Sri Lanka pick millions of these sets of two leaves and a bud to produce the finest Ceylon Tea, which of course also happen to be the finest tea in the world. That begs the question how do they do it in other countries? using machines of course. Those machines pluck not just the two leaves and the bud but a bunch of leaves and a few twigs as well.