December 10 , 2010

Crested Serpent Eagle


I did not go deep into some jungle to capture this photo of a Crested Serpent Eagle. No siree, it was just shot from my window in Battaramulla. We only a Kilometer from the town center. Despite the efforts of successive governments and countless people, there are a few trees still left standing in this neighbourhood, and sometimes they attract beautiful and rare creatures such as this.

October 28 , 2009

Return of the spotted dove.

Spotted Dove Chicks

Late last year, a pair of spotted doves built a nest amongst the rafters in our house. They laid eggs on it at least three times. Sadly just after the third pair of eggs were hatched, one of the parents fell victim to a cat. Fortunately the Single Parent family did survive, but after the chicks flew off they never came back, That is until now. This photo is the last time I so them, they were wondering about out of the nest and the next morning, they were gone

I don’t know the life span of a dove, so I would tend to think this is one of the hatch lings, now all grown up that has returned to the nest rather than the surviving bird from the original pair with a new partner.

October 22 , 2009

An Imperial Presence

Changable Hawk Eagle


A pair of Imperial Pigeons on a withered Jak Fruit Tree

October 20 , 2009

Changable Hawk Eagle

Changable Hawk Eagle

It’s said that you will love your Sigma 50-500mm lens as long as you don’t point it up a tree. Here is proof. I shot about 20 photos of this Changable Hawk Eagle perched on an Alastonia tree but only one came well. Even then there is room for improvement.

There are certain light conditions though which allow the lens to be pointed up at a tree, a clear sky with the sun behind your shoulder is one of them.

June 07 , 2009

The new house is now old.

Stainless steel pantry

June 5th marked the first anniversary of the day we moved into this house This time last year, I thought, I would put up a few photos taken around the house on this blog. Well, you know how one thing leads to another and …..

Hang on a second, I did put up a few photos here and there. You might have seen the vertical garden, the sitting room or even most recently the flooded roof. In between then and now, the vertical garden grew and became so lush that you couldn’t see the wall behind it. But then it was attacked by Papaya Mealy bugs and most of it disappeared. Now it’s growing back and hopefull will be restored to it’s former glory quite soon. In the meantime the sofa set had to have it’s covers changed thanks to the kids crawling all over it. Now it’s pretty hard to find a wall or a cupboard that doesn’t have a crayon sketch on it. But I will still try to take some photos and finish off the job.

The one pictured here is from the pantry.