December 11 , 2008

Solar Power

Solar Electricity

The spotted dove is taking a close look at my solar panels. I think this maybe of the hatchlings that came our of the nest in the roof. It has great plans for my solar power system.

The PV panels were supplied by Nawaloka Trading along with the apparatus on which it is mounted. It’s designed so that it can be rotated to track the sun. But right now it’s manual. A computerized tracking system with sophisticated mounts would cost a fortune – far more than the panels themselves which is expensive enough as it is. The mounts were fabricated in their workshop to keep the cost down.

November 22 , 2008

Mother and Child.

Spotted Dove

Momma Bird with her babies.

November 14 , 2008

A nest amongst the rafters

Spotted Dove Amonghts the Rafters

This spotted dove has built her nest amongst the rafters in my Verandahs. They are a close relative of pigeons so it’s no wonder that the spotted doves are not shy of humans.

In dry weather the roofing sheets which are just a few inches above or head become too hot to touch, yet she doesn’t mind. Maybe it’s beause they help keep the eggs warm when the goes away to gather food. But then her husband takes over the egg warming job.

October 20 , 2008

Under Construction.

Under Construction.

What’s under construction is the construction site in the picture and not this website. Work is being carried out on a house on an property adjoining our house in Battaramulla. By a great coincidence they started work on the same day that we started work on ours. We moved in four months ago after completion, theirs is still under construction. The owners (both husband and wife) happen to be architects and that probably explains the delay

September 26 , 2008

Rose Ringed Parakeet

The Parrot